We are a collaborative of 3 photographers.
All with different views but share one passion,

Meet The Team:

Jason Santos
Photographer & Creative Director

I am a Vancouver based photographer born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. The beginning of high school was when I realized I really enjoyed photography. I would use the most basic point and shoot film cameras available to me and take random photos. I later learned that one of my uncles was a photographer and had a SLR camera that I was able to play around with. I ended up using it when I decided to take some photography courses at Red River College to gain a better understanding of how to control manual cameras and take better photos.

Once I had that knowledge, I would get my siblings or friends to be models for me. I would take lamps and blankets from around the house to create simple studio set ups. Other times I would just go outside and take natural light portraits. I realized 2 things. I liked working with people and that I preferred natural light photography.

It wasn't until 2008 that I switch over to a DSLR camera and picked up my first Canon Camera. Prior to that I would strictly shoot with film. In my head I would always think that shooting film photography is "real" photography. Obviously that is not the case. I really enjoyed the suspense of waiting to see what photos turned out. The only thing is, it got really pricey to develop so many rolls film. So here we are today, I can't get enough of my DSLRs. I've shot some of my best work with them.

Leoam Tolentino
Photographer & Creative Director

Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada now residing in Vancouver. My love for photography started at a very young age. My father had a 35 mm camera and taught me how to use it to help him take photos at family parties. Got into the web design realm and quickly realized that I needed to create my own images. For one of my birthdays my family got me a post and shoot digital camera, and that's where the fun began.

With the point and shoot I discovered that I needed more control to get the images to turn out the way they were when I envisioned it in my head. Was lucky enough to have friends that let me use their brand new DSLR to learn the fundamentals of photography. If it wasn't for the individuals in my life supporting my interest in photography I would probably not be where I am today. Picked up my very own Nikon D90 and the rest is history. Everything I have learned about photography has been self taught with the supervision of the internet.

I am a strong believer of documentation of life. Which is where the main core of my style is from. I gain inspiration from my hero like, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry & Craig Semetko to name a couple. The journalistic side of photography mixed with street & fashion best describes my style. My work is out there for everyone to see and I have been featured in a couple things such as Flickr's explore and VSCO's grid feature.

Tadao Horikawa
Photographer & Creative Director

I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. I grew up with vintage cameras kicking around my house but I never really saw the beauty of photography till I began to shoot after I moved to Canada.

My love of photography came through street culture; I started shooting graffiti and it lead to b-boys and so on.

Capturing moments is how I define photography. Don't let it slip away.

Modern Art/Street is probably the best way to describe my style.

My work has been recognized by many companies like Redbull, Stussy etc.

I am very fortunate to share my eyes with many people who appreciate the beauty of art.

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